Anesthesia Service


The thought of your furry pal undergoing anesthesia can be scary. We make every effort to make sure that none of those fears are realized. Before anesthesia, your pet will always receive a complete physical examination by one of our doctors and have an experienced technician place an IV catheter and perform pre-anesthetic blood work. If your friend is healthy enough for  nesthesia, an individualized plan for anesthesia and pain management is devised. We routinely use combinations of IV drugs, inhalant gases, and local anesthetic blocks to provide the safest anesthesia and surgery possible for each patient.

Because hypothermia is a common risk factor for animals undergoing anesthesia, we provide your pet with the “Hot Dogger” heating blanket. (see photo below). During the entire procedure, an experienced technician will monitor your friend’s heart rate, breathing rate, and level of anesthesia with the help of advanced electrical monitoring instruments that monitor 6 parameters: EKG, respiration, oxygen levels, carbon dioxide levels body temperature, and blood pressure. All surgery patients receive warm IV fluids through a IV catheter in order to maintain blood pressure, hydration, and as a route for immediate administration of emergency drugs if ever needed. 

Following a surgery or dental procedure, your pet will head to recovery where he/she will have a recovery nurse with him/her until he/she is fully awake. During this time, the therapy laser will be used over the incision to reduce inflammation, to give healing a “jump start”, and to help manage any pain associated with the procedure. This nurse will always win the pets’ popularity contest: they are the ones to deliver those tasty post-op snacks. 

Pet owners will receive both verbal and written instructions at the time of your pet’s hospital discharge. This allow owners to have their questions answered and to become aware of their part in the pet patient’s recovery.