Hospitalization and Boarding


Our desire to provide a low stress environment for sick or postsurgery pets does not allow us to board healthy, vigorous, dogs. We do, however, focus on our sick and geriatric patients. We also board kitties. We are happy to provide medical boarding for geriatric pets and for those that have special medical needs. Dogs and cats are kept in separate kennel rooms that have been treated with calming pheromones to help reduce stress. 

A well-trained, gentle nursing staff are the caretakers of these pets. Many of these nurses have over 20 years experience in veterinary medicine coupled with a deep commitment to animal comfort and welfare. Following doctor’s orders, they make sure that your pet receives the proper medications and treatments for their medical condition and see to it that your pet is as safe, as clean, and as comfortable as possible.

When your pet is boarded or hospitalized, it is nice to bring a blanket or towel along that smells like home.  Visitors are always welcome. (Please see our visitation policy found under services). We feel that your pet not only appreciates seeing his/her family members, they will often eat better and recover quicker when they see familiar faces.