The House Cats!


Forrest came to Manor around  2004 as a little kitten in who stumbled down the step from the hay loft at a local farm. He has a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia in which his brain is unable to fully coordinate his movements.

He is smart as a whip in all other ways.
He loves being held and petted by clients. You will often find him high up in the cat tree or relaxing over Sue M’s shoulder in the front office.


Baxter is 11 years old (??) and came to
live with us when his owner was taken
into a nursing home. Though a little shy
of dogs and fast movements, he is
especially fond of our male clients who
we suspect remind him of his old friend.

He regularly supervises the front office
from the sunny middle seat on the cat
tree from which he can also watch the
birds and butterflies outside.