Pain and Fear Management

Although our pets tend to be much braver than their human counterparts, they certainly feel pain and suffer from stress. Recognizing and alleviating pain and stress in your pet is the essence of good patient care. Our staff members have been selected for their love of and desire to care for animals. They have also received further education on gentle handling techniques and on how to recognize and relieve pain and fear.

Some surgeries and medical conditions are more painful and will require hospitalization for continuous infusions of IV pain management drugs. Most surgical  and hospitalized patients will receive injectable pain medications while hospitalized and then be given several days worth of oral pain and anti-inflammatory medications at discharge. Suffering pain is not just unkind and unnecessary, it actually interferes with healing. This will slow your pet’s return to normal activity.

We also understand that kitties can become stressed by barking dogs. That is why we have chosen to do cat surgeries and medical procedures only on Tuesday of each week. Dogs, of course, will be seen on an emergency basis on that day should the need arise. Every effort is made to quickly escort pets into a private exam room. If that is not immediately possible, a separate waiting area is provided for dogs and cats. If your pet become stressed with his/her trip to our practice, please ask any staff member for helpful tips that will make your next visit less stressful for you and your pet.