Wellness Care

Physical Examinations

A thorough physical examination is a critical part of your pet’s health care. 


Protect your pet from contracting deadly contagious diseases. 

Behavior Counseling

Behavior problems are the number one reason that people give up their pet.   

Pet Microchipping

Tiny microchips implanted under a pet’s skin have helped reunite thousands of pets with their families,

Nutritional Counseling

Your pet’s nutrition needs are our concern.
Most pets minimally require a complete and balanced, age and breed-appropriate food.

Veterinary Pharmacy

Both you and your pet benefit from our large, well-stocked pharmacy. 


Internal Medicine

Diagnosis and Treatment

If your furry pal gets ill, you can count on us to provide the diagnostics and treatments for their medical condition.

Digital Radiology

The ability to take quality digital radiographs is often essential for rapidly diagnosing your pet’s medical problems.

Laboratory Testing

Since your sick pet can't tell us what is wrong, our veterinarians must sometimes supplement physical exams with laboratory testing.

Surgery & Dentistry


Pets need both routine and emergency surgeries. Routine cat surgeries are on Tuesdays & dog surgeries are on Thursdays.

Dental Cleaning and Surgery

It is estimated that more than 70% of dogs and cats develop tooth and gum disease by three years of age.

Anesthesia Services

The thought of your furry pal undergoing anesthesia can be scary. We make every effort to minimize that stress.

Pain & Fear Management

Although our pets tend to be much braver than their human counterparts, they certainly feel pain and suffer from stress.  

Hospitalization and Boarding

Our desire to provide a low stress
environment for sick or postsurgery pets does not allow us to board healthy, vigorous, dogs

MLS Therapy Laser

Manor Animal Hospital invested in a
Class 4 Therapy Laser to add another
cutting edge pain management therapy.