Cat Friendly Practice

Our practice has made the commitment to you and your cat by becoming a Cat Friendly Practice

The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) pioneered the CFP program to help veterinary practices to create a framework that creates an less stressful environment for cats.

This includes providing medical care and designing facilities that support the cat’s unique needs. 

Staff training has produce knowledgeable staff members who understand felinefriendly handling.

Some things that can cause a cat anxiety include aversion to carriers and car rides, sensitivity

to new sights, sounds, and smells, and the added stress of an unfamiliar location or

experience. Understanding these obstacles helped to shape the CFP program. Its continued

dedication has been to put the needs of cats first.

Manor Animal Hospital has challenged its doctors and staff to review its facilities, equipment,

procedures, and protocols keeping cats in mind. At a CFP-designated clinic, the veterinary

team incorporates cat-friendly features into every aspect of their day. The staff has learned to

understand the needs of the cat by reading its body language and facial expressions. They

have learned what gestures can be interpreted as threatening to kitties. And they have realized

that a “scary” cat is really a “scared” cat. In order to calm that frightened kitty, staff has been

well-trained in alternate techniques that are more calming for the anxious cat and that try to

ensure that exams and procedures do not escalate anxiety and fear.