Pet Microchipping

Tiny microchips implanted under a pet’s skin have helped reunite thousands of pets with their
families. Every animal shelter in the area has a scanner that reads the chips and the local
police often stop by to have lost dogs scanned before taking them to the shelter. This means
that your friend will get home a lot faster from his latest adventure.

Manor Animal Hospital uses the AVID microchip system, which can be used both nationally
and internationally to identify pets. Unlike many chips that carry a yearly fee, the initial cost of
the AVID chip includes a lifetime registration. The chip information can be easily updated
online for a small fee should you move. Microchips can also be used as the permanent
identification for a lifetime dog license in the state of Pennsylvania. 

What is the AVID FriendChip?

  • The AVID FriendChip is part of the AVID Pet Recovery System, it provides permanent identification for pets who become lost or displaced.
  • The AVID FriendChip is a tiny implantable microchip that is injected under your patients skin.
  • The microchip is encapsulated within a glass capsule coated with Parylene C, a biocompatible material used for devices permanently implanted into the body.
  • The AVID FriendChip has no batteries and transmits a unique identification number when energized by a reader's electromagnetic field.

How the AVID FriendChip Works

  • Each AVID FriendChip has a unique ID number that is encoded and locked into its integrated circuit.
  • Because of encryption security, this ID number cannot be altered or duplicated.
  • The AVID FriendChip is biocompatible and does not have a battery. It is energized by a scanner whenever the chip needs to be read.
  • The scanner energizes the chip with a radio wave and reads the unique number. This all happens really fast—in less than 0.04 second!